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College of Landscape Architecture Profiles

The College of Landscape Architecture, Nanjing Forestry University, contains three undergraduate programs: Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and Architectural Design in Landscape, of which Landscape Architecture is one of the two China’s most “Characteristic Programs”, also the preeminent one in Jiangsu Province. Moreover, the Architectural Design in Landscape program is first set in Jiangsu universities.

The College of Landscape Architecture, Nanjing Forestry University, is one of the earliest and strongest academic groups in China. The College has a long history of Landscape studying and teaching. Originally, it was founded as a Landscape Research Center in the National Central University and Jinling University. Professor Chen Zhi, was a great gardening expert and the founder of modern Chinese Landscape Architecture. His book Gardening Conspectus ,Ornamental Dendrology, China Gardening History, and A Note of Yuanye are recognized as the most famous  Chinese landscape writings. He contributed greatly to both modern Chinese Landscape Architecture and the development of landscape program in Nanjing Forestry University. The program was first set with the name Landscaping In 1956, then changed to Landscape Architecture in 1980. After that, a master’s degree program in Urban Planning and Design (Landscape Architecture included) appeared in 1996, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) program in Garden Planting and Ornamental Gardening was set in 2000 as well. Now it has become a widely influenced college with all degrees, significant teaching and scientific research and advanced education philosophies. In April 1999, the College of Landscape Architecture established and became the first one of Southern China.

Besides the departments of Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning & Design, and Architectural Design in Landscape, the college also contains four Research Centers specialized in Garden Planting, Landscape Planning & Design, Ecological Architecture, New Socialist Rural Planning, and the department of Continuing Education. There are totally 57 full-time faculty members in College of Landscape Architecture, with 15 professors and associate professors.  Twenty of them hold a PH.D degree. Faculties have a divisive educational background, graduate from different universities, such as University of Toronto, Canada, Japan Kyushu University, Tongji University, Southeast University, Nanjing University, Beijing Forestry University, and Nanjing Forest University. There are more than 800 undergraduate students and over 300 master’s degree students.  

The college is emphasizing education and encouraging innovation. The following awards reflect this growing emphasis:

One project was the second in national outstanding education achievements and two were the first in Jiangsu province.

One excellent course in China

Four in Jiangsu province.

Garden designer training base: outstanding training base in Jiangsu Province.

The teaching team of Landscape planning and Design:

Outstanding team in Jiangsu Province.

Series of Forestry Teaching Materials: second in outstanding teaching materials published by universities in the Huadong district.

Landscape Planning and Design: the first in best-sellers published by universities in China.

College establishes the teaching disciplines relying on the development of academic and economic social development are closely linked to academic development .The college sticks to items with the discipline of road development, application-oriented teaching ability, practice-oriented training. At the same time, emphasis on the ability of the computer application training, so that students have a solid foundation for computer knowledge and strong capabilities.

College for many years dedicated to teaching, scientific research, Landscape Architecture Planning and Design of wild ornamental plant resources development and utilization of the practice of the past five years under the state support for science and technology, science and technology of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, three projects, such as the Department of the province more than 10 research projects. The completion of "Shandong arms into the overall urban planning" and other urban planning, the completion of "the city of Yangzhou city green space system planning" more than 30 cities in the green space system planning, completion of the "Xuzhou Yunlong Lake Scenic Spot," and so on more than 10 scenic spots master plan, completed "Zhejiang Xiazhu Lake Wetland Park," and so on more than twenty Wetland Park, Forest Park, Park City Planning and Design, the completion of the "Nanjing Sunshine Garden" and more than 000 residential environment, planning and design, completion of the "Suzhou Industrial Park," and so on the fiftieth Green design of roads, completion of the "Anhui Normal University," more than 30 units, such as environmental landscape design, the completion of "the ancient city of Linyi Commercial Street," and so on more than twenty landscape architectural design. College has won international awards Flower Gardening Expo. 

The college invites well-known professors all over the world to give lectures annually. As an exchange, a certain number of faculty members are selected and sent to many well-known universities, such as Michigan State University, US and Brigham University of Science and Technology, Sweden, served as visiting teaching fellows. Every year, a number of undergraduate students are also sent to these two universities to pursue a master’s degree. The cooperation and exchange agreement are also being discussed between the college and the University of Toronto, Canada, University of Florence, Italy, Russia Voronezh State Forestry Academy of Engineering and so on.